Hi, I'm Nickie! I live in Chicago, Illinois. I'm passionate about seeking adventure, creative activities and food inspired by travel and community. 

I've spent most of my adult life in Portland, Oregon (13 years) and my professional career on the road as a business consultant traveling throughout the United States.  

Me Bundled Up on a Cold Chicago Night

Me Bundled Up on a Cold Chicago Night

Although I consider myself a West Coast girl, I was born and raised in the 419, a small rural farm town in northwest Ohio. 

I graduated from The Ohio State University (I’m a HUGE Buckeyes fan!!). There, I fell prey to the "travel bug'“ after a short stint studying abroad in Bath, England—my first international travel experience.

I’ve since traveled more than 25 countries and regions across three continents, and 32 states in the United States. Travel and exploring my city are my favorite things to do and I love sharing my adventures which is one of reason I created this blog.

Why is the Blog named harberdashery?

In 2010, my husband and I married. (I call it the “year of the hyphen.”) That's when I added his last name to my already lengthy six-letter last name, Harber.

Shortly thereafter I began graduate school and earned the nickname “Dash” from a professor who grew tired of calling on me by my 14-letter hyphenated last name, “Ms. Harber-Frankart,” every single time I raised my hand.

It stuck and inspired me to name this blog harberdashery as a nod to that nickname and to the term haberdashery.

Harberdashery (with an 'r'), like a haberdashery (without an 'r') is a British term for a store with small wares, notions or sundries.

This blog is full of notions—that is to mean ideas and beliefs about my travel and the culinary adventures that are inspired by my travel. I love to cook, garden and experiment with flavors from all over the world. And I think one of the best ways to learn about a culture is through food. That’s why when I travel I eat a lot, drink a lot, try new things and take a lot of food pictures. Then try to recreate those recipes in my own kitchen.

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