Best Travel Gear

a few of my favorite must-have travel products for Women (and Men too)

All curated on a single page just for you.  


Travel Spork

Eat Street Food

Packing Cubes

stay organized 

Portable Phone Charger

Keep Your Phone Charged


Kork-Ease Booties

Walk in Comfort

Lululemon Vinyasa Wrap

Wear, Layer or cover

Flipside Weekender Hat

Skip a Shampoo or Hair Day


Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Soap

Shower, Do dishes, Rinse Fresh Produce or Wash your clothes
(Go liquid free! Available in bar form too)

Bungee Clothesline

Pack Light & Do Laundry on the Road

Sink Stopper for Laundry  

Launder, rinse, repeat


Wool Socks

Avoid Blisters & Smelly Feet

Compact Pill Case

Carry essential Pharmaceuticals

Lip Balm

Prevent Chapped Lips


Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

Dry off at the beach, Use in the shower or wring out Laundered clothes

Sunscreen Stick

Protect your skin without the mess

Eye Mask

Get Better sleep on the plane, train or hotel

(Don't forget ear plugs if you don't use headphones)


Portable/Fold-able Day Pack

Take your camera & other essentials with you all day

Playing Cards

Play cards on the beach or in a pub–plastic makes these durable and waterproof

Deep Sea Adventure Game

Bring out your inner nerd with This fun, compact game (it fits in a shoe)

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